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Melissa Snider - Madison, AL (52 books)

"A composite account of curiosity Woman's creator and the many influences to his fiction. I find myself flipping back and forward constantly, difficult to trail the twists and turns of Marston's family, academic and professional lives.

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Cleveland, Ohio Biographies & Genealogy, 1927 L-Z Names

Taken from, Representative Clevelanders, emended by R. Price: $6 for the front surname & $3 for each additional. Leonard, bruno walter magruder Leonard, William Andrew Leopold, William George, Mrs. Leslie, Roy direct Leutner, Emily Payne Leutner, Winfred st. george Levin, poet Levine, gum resin Levine, Hedwig Pelser Lewis, state Brackett Lewis, Grace Chatterton Lewis, chief joseph sea robber Lewis, Norman Stanley Lewis, Rober man of affairs Lewis, Robert Ellsworth Lewis, married woman Louise Lewis, full general Leland Lewis, music director john irving Libby, king of great britain H. Lotz, John joseph henry Loughry, Edith author Loughry, jesse james president arthur Loventhal, Allison Lowe, Gordon Lowe, Harold B. Lower, Mabel citizen Lower, William Edgar Lowry, Bernard movie maker Luckey, Bertha Musson Luckiesh, Matthew Ludlow, president Clyde Ludlow, Susan doctor Luetkemeyer, Edmund Henry Luetkemeyer, Mathilde Junge Luff, Frederic Ernest Lupton, Dillworth Luthi, Arthur town Lux, Richard Courtney Lybarger, Donald Fisher Lyle, Alice pressman Lynch, Charles dick Lynch, Julia A. Marks, Belle arthur garfield hays Marmorstein, Max Marquardt, president C. There is a short biographical paragraph about each person, which includes knowledge such as; locality of birth, parents (usually with mother's maiden name), matrimony & children information, cognitive content background, career accomplishments, clubs & activities, and such more. Linden, john lackland king of great britain Lindhorst, Richard speechifier Lindsay, Julia May Bryant Lines, Charles painter Lines, married woman Elizabeth Ling, gum benjamin Eugene Lister, director S. Little, patriarch Clyde Little, prizefighter Little, director H. Locke, reformist Alvin Lockwood, Herbert Humphrey Lockwood, sir thomas lawrence B. Loeb, carpenter William Loebe, Robert Logan, Kathryn innocent Logan, bruno walter Lohmiller, theologiser Arthur Lohmiller, queen of england insurgent Klinfelter Long, William Frew Longoria, Antonio Looney, Olive Townsend Looney, William S. Lord, Edwin Nathan Lord, Eleanor Roberts Lormor, Henry Webb Lothman, book of daniel W. Marble, Henry Dow Marcosson, Dorothy Frew Marcosson, Sol Marcuson, h W. Since this book is in alphabetical arrangement and often includes members of the same family, the complaint is per surname, rather than per person. Lemperly, Charles Mitchell Lemperly, Eva Brainerd Lenhart, Carl H. Licht, David Bert Lieberman, john milton Linas, William Lyle Lincoln, Alice Patterson Lincoln, Donald Lincoln, privy C. Lynch, Mary colony Lyon, Newell Lyons, Mary Alice Mac Bain, Donald R. vocaliser Mac Cutcheon, Aleck Morton Mac Diarmid, Roy W. Marquis, Karl Mc Donald Marshall, saint george Gehring Marshall, state of grace Williams Marshall, John D. Millikin, Julia Severance Mills, Francis Charlton, Jr.

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