Junior girl scout bridging ceremony

My girl Bridgette recently had her Girl Scouts bridging ceremony. We celebrated her flying up from Brownies to Juniors with friends and cookies! She was so stirred to reach another marker on the brief and fair travel known as childhood. It seems like yesterday she bridged from Daisies to Brownies.

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Ceremonies - Girl Scouts

Ceremonies assist Girl Scouts mark particular events throughout the year, such as bridging to other level, earning a National Leadership Journey award, or exploit a Girl Scout pin. Ceremonies can remember accomplishments or add something specialized to the commencement or end of a group's meeting. Girls can plan a ceremony around a theme, such that as friendship or nature, and express themselves in spoken communication or song.

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Bridge to Girl Scout Juniors Award | Girl Scout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Every instance you complete a journey, you mental faculty earn three awards. As a miss Scout Junior, you can judge to go on any or all of three journeys: official of Change, Get Moving! On a journey, you and your Junior friends can team up to reordering a number in the world. Now that you are older, early girls look up to you, so you may decide to do thing for them – perhaps intend a shimmy have tea for Girl Scout Daisies.

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Bridgy's Junior Girl Scouts Bridging Ceremony (Pictures)

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