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"For winter break, I went up northerly to get wind how to snowboard, and it overturned out that my instructor was a major cutie, so I was equal more excited! But just once I started to do well, I barbarous on my butt in the central of the snow. I started gross because it hurt so bad, but to create everything worse, the cute pedagogue came up right behind me and smiled at me in a 'You're pathetic' kind of way." Kaley "I was in the shop with my best associate purchasing tampons, and we were debating on which ones we likeable better.

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An Embarrassing Discovery When my lady friend caught me wearing diapers and plastic pants, she nearly laughed her head off. I'll be exact back, and please, keep your fille pants on. She truly enjoyed my embarrassment and foolish babe pants. "Look at what I bought for you, a baby bottle." She filled it with aliment and handed it to me. In my dreams I was usually in a very helpless position. "What's a big boy like you doing in diapers and baby pants, huh? I score patting his bulging bottom." I was blushing so fractious I could feel my cheeks burn. I like you that way." I could hear her laughing as she walked out the door. Sometimes in my dreams my pant were gathered at my ankles as I sat on a baby training seat. The atrocious thing was, I knew It wasn't going to stop here. One of them even said that I acted like a two year old.

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Embarrassing Story Section-What is your most embarrassing story for girls only

I was waiting to leave for a school trip when I was a senior in last school. I had never been but to two street plays my entire life. I got up that morn and put on heels, formal shirt, and dress pants. I was so discomposed and felt equal a clown the rest of the day. Well I got to the school more or less 8am and waited for everyone else to get there. My gf aforementioned her most difficult consequence was when a guy at period force down the zip up on her wear and the whole top fell to her waist. I was at film producer grouping and I almost walked into the toilet facility bathroom!

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Teen Girls' Most Embarrassing Stories

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