George washington university asian studies

Immanuel Kim (left), peninsula Foundation and Kim-Renaud Associate academic of altaic language lit and Culture Studies, and Dr. Insung Ko (right), education Assistant Professor in the Korean spoken communication will connect the sphere this fall. One time period later, one of our Japanese students won a gold present at the J.

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The George Washington University

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Master of Arts in the Field of Asian Studies | University Bulletin | The George Washington University

The Elliott School’s Asian Studies degree program trains students to navigate the dynamic environment that is Asia, a chaste whose different populations private road its dynamic needs and roles in the worldwide arena. The curriculum prepares students to keep pace with a location on the path to uninterrupted economical development as urbanised migration and international barter are exploding. Graduates of the software package are equipped to address interlacing diplomatic, economic, security, and cultural issues coupled with an unexampled place of growth.

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East Asian Languages and Literatures | The George Washington University

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