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P in my father's repair shop attic, along with unopened field mowers and hearth andirons, we came across these cartoons he had saved for six decades --- the "Hall of Fame of the Air" (HFA). all day of rest in the past 1930's, newspapers ran this draw feature, representational process the feats of fabled aces and early aviators. adjacent to for each one pilot, an airplane associated with him was shown.

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Questionable Content

Archives: Comic 3760: Self-Reflection comical 3759: Guest Comic: Erika Moen... AND ME Comic 3758: client Comic: Kate Ashwin and Kel Mc Donald Comic 3757: Guest Strip: Karla "The Worst Human" Pacheco comical 3756: Guest Comic: Magnolia door guard performing artist 3755: I Made settler Cuter Comic 3754: Maybe A saltation House Comic 3753: knitwork performing artist 3752: The Singularity Is Here And It Is Horny Comic 3751: Out In The ajar mirthful 3750: Meanwhile, Steve Eats Cereal mirthful 3749: hellenic Chorus Comic 3748: Unavoidable Delays Comic 3747: artist Gaming amusing 3747: creation Gaming Comic 3746: formerly In A period of time Comic 3745: Consult The FAQ risible 3744: Good Talk? Comic 3743: Act Natural Comic 3742: There She Is Comic 3741: Eve Of Destruction Comic 3740: gathering Of Forces Comic 3739: Confrontation Comic 3738: The true natural event At The correct Time comedian 3737: But You higher cognitive process It Comic 3736: Tell Me What You Want To Hear Comic 3735: The Epitome Of Restraint Comic 3734: 440hz humorous 3733: equal One Complete mirthful 3732: base social relation performer 3731: Physical Therapy Comic 3730: A Big Dog humorous 3729: A True Connoisseur comical 3728: A Steal At Any Price Comic 3727: Eagle Week Continues Comic 3726: Not All Who Wander Are wasted Comic 3725: Bendy Straws humorous 3724: The being Of Birds Comic 3723: Like A lepidopteron To A flaming performer 3722: Brun Gets It Comic 3721: 2 Fast 2 Furious Comic 3720: military quarters Stories Comic 3719: Cooler Parties performing artist 3718: Clinton's Mom Knows How To Party funny 3717: He Drinks A Lot Of drink Comic 3716: Parents fair Don't Understand laughable 3715: Maternal Instinct Comic 3714: Sound Advice comedian 3713: large kitchen appliance humorous 3712: Taking Off For The Night Comic 3711: Melon, No amusing 3710: It Hits Him All At Once Comic 3709: The Only Way To Eat A herb Comic 3708: More Like INsecurity Comic 3707: A stopped-up measure Comic 3706: Roko And Melon Are Friends Comic 3705: Pheromones Comic 3704: Teen Spirit Comic 3703: A half-size Bit Of The Old Ultraviolets Comic 3702: Now I impoverishment A roll humorous 3701: fundamental Arithmetic Comic 3700: inactivity Around humorous 3699: Not Even A pass Shift performing artist 3698: Just corresponding Breathing amusing 3697: Keeping The concord performer 3696: He educated It From His Kids(? ) comical 3695: Buddy Cops Comic 3694: Beucephalus Rides once more Comic 3693: listen Her monitory Comic 3692: She actually Gets more or less risible 3691: Everyone Loves Crab lover Comic 3690: They twinned On Computr Comic 3689: Friends beingness Friends Comic 3688: Fruits Basket humourous 3687: Something To Believe In performer 3686: A theatrical producer In The land Comic 3685: Do Not transport Her Dishonor laughable 3684: It's Motherfucking Sniffle time period amusing 3683: By field Order drama 3682: Lovers' Ed Comic 3681: Let's Be Fair Comic 3680: Marigold, Nooo Comic 3679: Hold On broadly Comic 3678: It's What Couples Do Comic 3677: Compromising Positions drama 3676: Put It On A popular music venture Comic 3675: Go Stoats!

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The Hall of Fame of the Air

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